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We Did It!

LD 364 has passed the governor's office without a signature, and will go into effect in September. Well done, everyone! So, what are the next steps?

Well, some celebration is in order! And later this summer we will schedule an Open Space so that we can continue to collaborate and capitalize on this newly-formed (and growing!) network of holistic practitioners. The new law stipulates certain disclosures and consents, and we need to be in compliance with these - we are hoping to get a Maine attorney to present on the topic.

We also need to support the new law - the governor did NOT sign the bill and it isn't clear that she favors it, and these laws have come under attack after passage in other states. We need to keep our crack lobbyist, Hillary Lister of Maine Matters, active in Augusta, and we need to be careful about how we present ourselves as professionals in the political arena. If you have any questions about what this means, join our facebook page or email us directly.

And stay tuned to this space!

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