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ACTION ALERT! New Bill would effectively OUTLAW holistic healers in Maine!

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

I know it sounds a little hyperbolic, but this is serious. Read the commentary and proposed linked legislation. If you are an holistic practitioner working in Maine, this affects you.

URGENT ACTION ALERT! Thank you to all who came to the breakfast on Thursday, 3/21 - it was informative and informal, and the Safe Harbor Maine team got some great direction. However, later that day it came to our attention that a bill is going to be heard alongside ours that is the EXACT reason that everyone who cares about holistic healing in Maine needs to engage with this effort.

LD1384, An Act Relating to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Licensure, would effectively OUTLAW the majority of holistic practitioners in Maine, by creating an onerous licensure requirement beholden to the Board of Complementary Healthcare Providers. A person may not practice holistic health or profess to be practicing as a holistic health practitioner in this State unless that person holds a current and valid license from the board.

A person is defined as a holistic practitioner if they:

· are NOT a licensed massage therapist, but they (through formal training/education/certification): engage in therapeutic touch or acupressure, massage or myofascial work or reflexology for the purpose of opening energy pathways within the human body.

· are NOT a licensed dietician, but they (through formal training/education/certification) provide information and makes recommendations regarding nutrition or dietary supplements.

· anyone who engages (again, as a result of education/training/certification) in clinical aromatherapy and uses or makes recommendations for the use or consumption of essential oils to support wellness;

· any person who is a Native American and engages in Native American shamanic practices

· Any person who (through accredited formal education and training) engages in psychoneuroimmunology practices to affect the mind-body relationship

· and, Any person who engages in formal or informal coaching practices to recommend lifestyle changes or behavioral modifications to affect the mind-body relationship.

In order to meet licensure requirements, any holistic practitioner would have to

· be licensed as a medical doctor, dentist, or educational or behavioral consultant

hold certification in at least 2 complementary practices as defined in section 12501, subsection 5-B (those practices listed above)

· complete a doctoral degree with 1800 hours of licensed supervision in Maine or a master’s degree and 24 credits of biology, anatomy, chemistry, physiology, psychology or pharmacology or military training in medicine or dentistry

· training in 4 of the 7 recognized mind-body modalities excluding homeopathy, iridology or colonic cleansing

· 3 credit hours of medical ethics study at an accredited institution

· 1800 hours of clinical supervision with a licensed provider

Furthermore, “A person in the course of business may not employ...an holistic health practitioner who does not have a license unless that person is a student or intern within the meaning of this chapter.”

These are big guns, folks. This effectively outlaws all holistic modalities as currently practiced in the state, and directly attacks any licensed practitioner who offers holistic care outside of his or her scope of practice. Please read the bill for yourself.

This is a CALL TO ACTION! Join the www.safeharbormaine.org mailing list, join the Safe Harbor Maine facebook group if you are on facebook, COME TO THE HALL OF FLAGS ON THURSDAY, MARCH 28 BETWEEN 8am and 2pm for our advocacy day, and get in touch with our team to find out how you can be involved deeply. Your health and your freedom depend on it.

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