The effort to pass a Safe Harbor bill began with another project, Maine Homeopathic Initiatives (MHI), which was to be the first low-cost homeopathic wellness center in Maine. 

The Board of MHI, upon researching their legal obligations, realized that under Maine law as it is written, the center could not operate legally. Further, the board realized that as individual practitioners, their own practices were not technically legal. 

Committed to providing the people of Maine with the options they deserve in pursuit of health and wellness, the MHI effort paused to pursue safe harbor legislation. 


We found an experienced and supportive sponsor for this non-partisan effort in State Senator, Dave Miramant. Senator Miramant enthusiastically took the bill on and has helped to steer it from draft to submission to legislative committee. 

The Bill enjoyed strong support at the public hearing before the Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services Committee on April 11, 2019, but the work is not done - the committee must recommend its passage and send it to the Senate and House of Representatives. We welcome any practitioner or consumer who values their right to safe and open access to alternative and complementary medicine and wellness advice. 


Sarah Thompson, board member, MHI, Homeopath, Attunement 

Kelly Callahan CCH, RShom(NA), Homeopath

Nancy Frederick CCH, RShom(NA) Homeopath, Attunement 

Dee Webster CCH, Homeopath, Jin Shin Jyutsu 

Hilary Budet, board member, MHI, Homeopath, Attunement 

Denise Fogg, board member MHI, Homeopath, Attunement 

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